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Bicycles with electronic shifting technology

More and more people are looking for absolute comfort when cycling. They want to ride without any worries and reduce the technical maintenance of the bicycle to a minimum. For all of them, a bike with electronic derailleur, that is, with a high-performance gear shifting technology, is the ideal choice. At AURUM, we offer you the best options in the sector in terms of electronic gears, as all our products incorporate the latest innovations in the sector, always based on our experience.


The most desired technology in all our bikes

Technology is present in all areas of our lives, so it could not be absent in sport. Specifically, there are already many bikes with electronic derailleur, that is, many models that incorporate the latest innovations in the sector. At AURUM, we are aware that the market is evolving. However, we want to continue to combine tradition and innovation to always offer the best possible product.

How does electronic shifting work on bicycles?

To better understand how does an electronic bike shifting work, we need to know what parts it consists of. Depending on the model we have installed, we will have some cables (visible or not), and some batteries that add weight to the high-performance bicycle. However, there are also newer models that only incorporate a small motor and an almost imperceptible battery, as it is hidden under the saddle or in the frame itself.


In order to change gear, the cyclist will have to press a button. This is usually located on the handlebars, and is easy to reach. There are also some models that have an automatic mode. It means that you do not even have to press the aforementioned button, as the bike itself will understand which gear to use at any given moment.

Electronic shifting bikes at AURUM

What is the difference between an electronic and a mechanical derailleur?

As you may have gathered, the main difference between an electronic or mechanical shifting on a road bike is the involvement required from the cyclist. The mechanical derailleur is the traditional one, the one that we have known since almost the beginning of this sport. On the other hand, the electronic derailleur on a road bike is the result of an evolutionary process in the sport in which technology has been incorporated in the service of comfort and the highest performance.


When choosing whether we want an electronic or mechanical shifting on a road bike, we have to pay attention to our needs as cyclists. Remember that there are many types of athletes, and, therefore, there are also many different models of bicycles. Choose yours from AURUM’s catalog: our customization options will allow you to find what you are looking for.

electronic shifting

Advantages of buying a bike with electronic derailleur

Many professional and amateur cyclists choose a bike with electronic derailleur for a reason. The truth is that there are many advantages that will make you choose a product of this type. We present them all below for you to decide whether this is a good option for your daily trainings.

More precision and reliability

To begin with, it is essential to note that a bicycle with electronic gears offers a high degree of precision when changing gears. You can easily change both the pinion and the chainring you are using, giving you better performance on the road and allowing you to get the best out of your physical condition at all times.

Integration of more technology

There are many technologies and devices to integrate technology, but all bicycles of this type include an electronic bike gear shifter. Many of the existing options are customizable, which means you can create a bike that is tailored to what you are looking for. An electronic bike gear shifter will be able to sense pedal pressure or the inclination of the terrain to help you get the best out of yourself.

This integration can be done very easily by using a computer or a mobile device, for example. In addition, these latest devices will also allow you to incorporate other accessories to measure your performance, and get the most out of every workout. All of them will be interconnected, and will provide you with accurate information at all times.

Several gears at the same time

If you are a triathlete or a time trial cyclist, you will be interested to know that these bikes can be equipped with multiple shifters and gears at the same time. Depending on the technology you choose, you will have to opt for one type of installation or another (wireless or using cables). However, you will have the option to combine different components using the same system. This way, it will adapt to each terrain or to the demands you require at any given moment thanks to having used an electronic derailleur on a road bike.


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle an bottle cage, spot for M312 or GF Contador, and a garment from our catalogue as a complimentary gift.


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