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Frequently Asked Questions: from AURUM’s design philosophy to model specification, sizing and availability:

Our mechanics will take care of most of the assembly before your bike leaves our warehouse, but your bike will still require the installation of the following components: front wheel, handlebars, seat post and pedals.

If you still need a little more help, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will help you out.

AURUM Magma is available in six frame sizes to suit a wide range of rider heights, estimated between 152 and 195cm tall. Each individual is different and the human proportions change even for people of the same total height.

AURUM recommends you use the services of an expert bike fitter not only to choose your Magma frame size but also to adjust it to your particular biomechanical dimensions. The six sizes are designed around a progressive Stack and Reach geometry, so that together with different stem lengths and heights, and by adjusting the saddle height, every riding position can be covered within the range.

For the full details on the geometry and sizing please check the following link.

Magma is a disc-brake only compatible frameset. The frame uses the widely popular road-disc standard 12x142mm thru-axle design while the fork uses the corresponding 100x12mm thru-axle hub one.

The Magma frameset is compatible with both electronic and mechanical drivetrains. All the different small parts (caps, cable guides, grommets) for both shiftings styles are included with every frameset.

Magma uses Flat-Mount brake mounts, the road standard for disc brakes these days. It can use either 140 and 160mm rotors front and rear.

Magma is also available as a complete bicycle in three different builds that are recommended by AURUM as the most suited for the high-performance characteristics of the frameset. To learn all the details of the builds, check the following link

Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso have created AURUM based on their experience as top-level bicycle racers, but have also gathered a team of experienced bicycle industry professionals (designers, engineers and product managers) to make their dream come true.

Using their experience to know what makes a race bicycle ride fast, Contador and Basso have driven the AURUM project, always with the expert assistance of the AURUM team they built, setting the brand’s style direction and contributing to drawing the frame geometry and specifications. When the first riding prototypes were ready, Contador and Basso put in many hours on the road testing multiple iterations to fine-tune the carbon layup, and find the right balance of stiffness and comfort to meet their demanding standards.

For the complete story of the brand, please check the ‘Story’ page on our website. 

The name Magma is a nod to the Teide, the volcano in the Canary Islands. It’s on the Teide’s slopes that Contador and Basso rode together for many hours at training camps, and where they started to discuss and think about, one day, designing and manufacturing the bike of their dreams.

Every Magma frame is handmade using a complex combination of different grades of carbon fiber, a concept we call ECT (Experience Carbon Technology), with each selected as the most appropriate for the various stresses experienced in different part of the frame. Rather than a single type of carbon fiber used for the whole frame, but five or six types are used instead, depending on the frame size, with each type also weaved at different angles depending on the stress to withstand. Areas such as the bottom bracket and chainstays require high lateral stiffness to cope effectively and efficiently with the stresses and loads produced under high power riding such as sprinting or attacking on a climb. The headtube and downtube, on the other hand, demand greater torsional stiffness (resistance to twisting). Other parts of the frame, such as the long, pencil-thin seatstays require another set of characteristics, with a carefully controlled degree of compliance engineered in to bring comfort. Therefore, different areas of the frame require different materials and layup schedules to tune the performance and riding characteristics.

On top of that, AURUM’s carbon engineers developed each Magma frame size individually, with size-specific carbon fiber layup schedule, so that the riding characteristics are consistent, regardless of what frame size you ride.

All this constitutes what AURUM calls ECT (Experience Carbon Technology) carbon layup, the right fibers for the right applications.

It is the fine balance between light weight and aerodynamics, together with stiffness and comfort, that makes a bicycle faster in all terrains and courses. With Magma the goal has been to find that difficult balance to excel in all terrains, to be the fastest racing road bicycle. For Magma there is no need to choose between aerodynamics and lightweight, because you can have both.

Magma’s low weight – just 805g for a size 54 frame – is achieved thanks to the expert choice of different types of carbon fibers depending on the area of the frame, together with sophisticated molding techniques using latex mandrels and high pressurization.

The aerodynamic advantages come from the advanced use of CFD to design the airfoil tube profiles, focused on the front end – fork, headtube with integrated headset cover and downtube – and the neat and tidy internal cable routing through the front of the headtube.

No you can’t, as this would void the warranty. The removal or reapplication of paint may result in weakening the carbon fibre structure of the frame and/or fork, so AURUM strongly recommends not doing so. Please see our Warranty section for more details.

The minimum insertion of the seatpost in the frame is 90mm, or more if so specified by the seatpost manufacturer (the “Minimum Insertion” line and information should be visible on the tube of the seatpost).

For the maximum insertion in the frame, it varies with the frame size. Specially for the smaller frame sizes please be aware of this dimension and respect it, as inserting the seatpost lower can damage the frame. In case you need a lower saddle height than the following dimensions allow for your seatpost, please consider cutting the seatpost tube (if the seatpost manufacturer allows this) or using a shorter seatpost.

Maximum seatpost insertion:

Frame size 50: 160mm
Frame size 52: 190mm
Frame size 54: 210mm
Frame size 56: 230mm
Frame size 58: 250mm
Frame size 61: 280mm

Magma is a road racing bike at its core, born from the experience of racers Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Magma is approved for racing by the UCI and so can be used in any suitable event.

Yes, Magma is suitable for use with all major indoor cycle training systems, but because stresses on bike frames, specifically those on the rear triangle, are different on a trainer to those which we usually experience on the road, we strongly advise that you proceed with caution.

Carefully read all instructions and warnings, and make sure that the trainer you’re considering using is compatible with bikes specced with the industry-standard disc brake 12x142mm thru-axle system, which Magma features – noting that some systems will require an adaptor for this standard.
Most contemporary “wheel-off” indoor training systems are generally kinder to bikes, and also tend to be the best in terms of features, connectivity with apps and accuracy of power meters. If you are planning to use a “wheel-off” model, also check for compatibility with the drivetrain specified on your Magma, that the trainer’s freehub body and/or cassette are of the correct type.

When following all the instructions carefully, indoor trainers should not damage your Magma and will not invalidate your warranty.

The AURUM Magma frame uses a BB386Evo bottom bracket shell. This is a popular standard for high-performance carbon fiber frames thanks to allowing a high drivetrain stiffness and bigger tire clearance in the design. The bottom bracket shell is 86mm wide, with a 46mm diameter bore to accept PF30 style bearing cups. For BB installation use a proper BB cup press (such as Enduro BRT-02) with inserts for the type of crank spindle used.

Magma is designed to fit tires up to 30mm wide (please be aware this is 30mm measured tires, not just tires labeled as being “30mm”, as the total width of the tire will vary depending on the rim width and tire pressure).

While its frameset is strong, well balanced and capable, we do not recommend Magma for significant gravel or off-road use. Its carefully considered materials, construction and balanced handling are primarily configured for high performance road riding.

As a road racing bicycle, Magma has been optimized to use 25 or 28mm tires, to make the most of its racing geometry. In the three full-build options, Magma comes equipped with 25mm tires (Schwalbe Pro One Evo), which is a tire width we recommend for high performance riding.

Magma does not feature built-in fender mounts, but clip-on style guards can be used. Please carefully check there is enough clearance between the fenders and your tires, and protect the frame to avoid any damage to the paint.

Use gentle care to handle your bike and components. Never use a high-pressure cleaner gun when washing your bike or wash with a hose from a very close distance. Ensure you only use a low pressure hose to clean sensitive parts like bearings, headset, wheel hubs, etc. Use a soft brush and a bucket of water with high quality bike cleaner (disc brake safe) diluted in it to wash off all stubborn dirt from chain, cassette and chainrings. Rinse your bike with a low pressure hose to clean off all excess soap. Wipe down your bike with a soft cloth to dry all excess water. Apply a high quality bike lube to your chain.

We recommend using a bicycle-specific bag or box when packing your AURUM bike for travel. Please follow the bag or box manufacturer’s instructions.