Introducing Essentia

What happens when you have succeeded in developing an excellent product?

You can stop and be satisfied or explore new paths. The path to explore is that of innovation and the development of new ways to optimize the use of materials such as carbon. Thanks to the experience of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso and the feedback from the Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team, we have developed a frame with similar performance to the Magma without losing its original essence.

The new Essentia offers an above market standard performance considering its price range. It is available in different builds as a complete bike with Shimano Ultegra Di2 or Sram Force AXS

A bike that share geometry with Magma while maintaining the same DNA: Performance
Alberto Contador
Review by Contador


Driving characteristics

Essentia inherits the geometry and main qualities of the Magma such as versatility, aerodynamics and reactivity to offer a high-performance bike.


For maximum power delivery and fast, confident cornering.


For long routes and to guarantee that the cyclist can always deliver the best of himself.


Reducing aerodynamic resistance to obtain the best efficiency and maximum speed.


For a lively ride feel and energy savings, without compromising stiffness and comfort.
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The Essentia is a tamer version of the former pros’ Magma lightweight speedster
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Magma’s frame geometry is key, the soul of the frame

Special attention was paid to keep the Magma’s soul consistent throughout the size range, and let every rider, regardless of his/her height, experience the same handling. Alberto and Ivan dreamt for years to design a bike’s frame geometry based on their experience, and it was paramount that all the frame sizes would handle that way. To achieve that, the Trail figure (the combination of the head tube angle and fork offset) was the starting point.

Through experience and ride testing (with different test forks and wheel sizes) the AURUM team set an ideal Trail dimension, for the best balance of quick steering but also stability at high speed. Often small frame sizes get a compromised handling, with a long Trail that makes turning slow and unlively. AURUM uses two different fork offsets depending on the frame size, which combined with the proper head tube angle results in a Trail that is always lively and fun as intended, also for the smaller frame sizes.

Stack and reach will put you in a race position for out-and-out performance, yet allow comfort for a long ride. Short, oversized chainstays contribute to a climber’s configuration, while a low bottom bracket height helps achieve an assured center of gravity coupled with a generous wheelbase that delivers a reassuring stability, however fast your descent.

Geometry chart

Size 48 51 54 56 58 61
A. Stack 505 525 545 567 589 615
B. Reach 370 376 384 392 400 408
C. Seat Tube Angle 74 73 73 73 73 73
D. Top Tube 515 536 551 565 580 596
E. Head Tube Angle 71.8 71.6 73 73 73 73
F. Fork Offset 50 50 44 44 44 44
G. Fork Trail 60 60 59 59 59 59
H. Seat Tube Length 453 480 504 526 547 573
I. BB Drop 74 71 71 71 71 71
J. Front Center 570 584 580 594 608 624
K. Chainstay length 407 407 410 410 410 410
L. Wheelbase 965 980 979 993 1008 1024
M. Stand over height 728 750 782 803 826 850
* All dimensions in mm, angles in degrees

Essentia Frameset Specifications

Each Essentia frame is handcrafted using an advanced combination of different grades of carbon fiber, selected as the most appropriate based on the various stresses experienced in the different parts of the frame. The result is strong, rigid and light.
  • AURUM Essentia ECT frameset (Experience Carbon Technology)
  • CFD optimized aero fork and front triangle
  • FEA optimized frame tube dimensions and shape for every size
  • Internal cable routing, standard 28.6mm fork steerer tube
  • Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” headset
  • Electronic and mechanical drivetrain compatible
  • 6 frame sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61
  • UCI approved, ISO-4210 safety standard approved
  • BB386Evo bottom bracket
  • 27.2mm round seat post with custom hidden wedge
  • 12mm stealth ultralight thru-axles
  • Flat mount disc brake only

Size guide

Essentia is available in six sizes* to suit almost every rider:
  • SIZE 48 – Recommended for riders from 152 to 163cm tall (5’0” to 5’4”)
  • SIZE 51 – Recommended for riders from 161 to 170cm tall (5’3” to 5’7”)
  • SIZE 54 – Recommended for riders from 170 to 177cm tall (5’7” to 5’10”)
  • SIZE 56 – Recommended for riders from 175 to 181cm tall (5’9” to 6’)
  • SIZE 58 – Recommended for riders from 180 to 188cm tall (5’11” to 6’2”)
  • SIZE 61 – Recommended for riders from 186 to 195cm tall (6’1” to 6’5”)
*This chart should only be used as a reference, for choosing the correct frame size to your body proportions please contact us through our website and/or visit a certified bike-fitter near you.

Lifetime Warranty

The Frame and Fork have a 2 year warranty that you can upgrade to a lifetime warranty if you register your frame serial number in our website


Free Delivery

Free shipping on purchases over €500 worldwide.

Welcome Pack

Bottle and bottle cage, one spot to choose between Mallorca 312 or GF Alberto Contador.

Choose your Garment

With the purchase of a Magma or Essentia, choose a garment from our catalogue.