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Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso

“We have spent countless hours riding it, fine-tuning it and thinking about how to make it better, to be worth of sitting next to the MAGMA in our bike catalog”


Driving characteristics

Creating the fastest high-performance gravel bike on the market is a balancing act between different riding characteristics:


For power delivery and quick, confident handling and cornering.


For long rides and ensuring that the rider can always perform at the highest level.


Reducing aero drag for the best efficiency and pure speed, on and off road.


For a lively feel and to save energy, without compromising stiffness and comfort.


During the development of MANTO, the AURUM team led by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso spent countless hours testing different prototypes. This was a necessary exercise to confirm the numbers drawn for the geometry, both for the handling and fitting. But even more importantly to fine-tune the bike’s riding characteristics.

These characteristics are defined not only by the shape and size of the tubes, but very crucially by the materials and manufacturing used to mold them.
By producing several carbon layup iterations, the engineers at AURUM already had a good idea of the frame’s behavior by design, thanks to their experience and the data collected in the test lab and the stiffness bench.

By the time Alberto and Ivan threw their legs over the saddle of the MANTO, the frame and fork had already gone through rigorous lab testing, exceeding the usual bike industry standards and European norms, to ensure the safety and solidity of the structure.

But beyond that, what differentiates an excellent bike from just a good bike is the riding feel, the sublime balance of riding characteristics (stiffness, comfort, light
weight and aerodynamics all working in unison) that were set as the main goal for this project. After many kilometers of tests on tracks and roads, we can consider the results of MANTO to be excellent and proudly launch this product on the market to join MAGMA in the AURUM catalogue.

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The front end of the MANTO stands out for its subtle blend of airfoil headtube and downtube profiles into the oversized fork crown. Beyond that aero-efficient shaping, the headtube also routes the brake hoses in a clean and simple way through the 1.5” headset bearing, to expose nothing to the wind and keep everything clean and tidy. This solution is also clean and helpful when using handlebar mounted bags, so the cables don’t interfere with the straps.

MANTO uses a 1.5” bearing headset with angular contact, stainless steel bearings. That results in a perfect balance of steering precision, durability and low weight. The use of stainless-steel bearings, if somewhat making lots of sense specially for a gravel bike, is uncommon, but a standard specification in all AURUM bikes. After exhaustive testing in the last 4 years, we have proven the stainless steel bearings can truly avoid any rust formation and match the lifetime of the frame without additional service. This puts away any thought of inconvenience for the use of cable routing through the upper headset bearing. The custom headset top-covers further add to the integrated and aero features, supplied in integrated and standard styles with every frameset:

1- The first cover to be used with the AURUM internal cable routing stem, for maximum integration.

2- The second is a cap with 3 holes to be used with any standard stem, in this case the cables are fed into the frame externally from the handlebars.

MANTO is compatible with all electronic and mechanical groupsets from Shimano and SRAM, for 1X and 2X. It is also compatible with 1X mechanical drivetrains such as Campagnolo Ekar and others.

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MANTO’s geometry has been designed and optimized for tires between 40 and 45mm wide. This is the sweet spot tire width for gravel riding, the best balance between traction, speed and shock absorption. The MANTO frame and fork have additional space for muddy conditions.

MANTO Geometry chart

Size 48 51 54 56 58 61
A. Stack 515 535 555 570 590 x
B. Reach 380 386 394 402 411 x
C. Seat Tube Angle 74.5 74 74 73.5 73.5 x
D. Top Tube 518 539 554 571 586 x
E. Head Tube Angle 71.2 71.2 72.2 72.3 72.3 x
F. Fork Offset 50 50 50 50 50 x
G. Fork Trail 66 66 60 60 60 x
H. Seat Tube Length 425 455 488 515 534 x
I. BB Drop 77 77 75 75 75 x
J. Front Center 587 600 605 617 632 x
K. Chainstay length 423 423 425 425 425 x
L. Wheelbase 998 1010 1019 1031 1046 x
M. Stand over height 704 731 763 786 806 x
* All dimensions in mm, angles in degrees


As fast and light as the new MANTO gravel frame is, we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the fastest components in the world, from the integrated cockpit to the seatpost, hiding the cables completely to improve aerodynamics and overall design.

In the AURUM online store there is the option to purchase the MANTO frame with integrated cockpit.

The MANTO handlebar: carbon fiber, monocoque, with full cable integration, available in 400mm and 420mm width, has a 75mm reach and 125mm drop. An opening angle of 6 degrees. Flat top for better grip and maximum performance.

The MANTO stem: made of forged aluminum, with internal wiring, in 90mm, 100mm and 110mm lengths.

The elegant AURUM seatpost is made of carbon fiber, monocoque with stainless steel screws. 350mm long, in straight and setback versions (0 and 25mm), weight: 178g straight and 185g setback. Compatible with MAGMA and ESSENTIA. In addition, it is also compatible with most frames on the market, with a 27.2 mm internal diameter seat tube.

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MANTO Frameset Specifications

Each MANTO frame is handcrafted using an advanced combination of different grades of carbon fiber, selected as the most appropriate based on the various stresses experienced in the different parts of the frame. The result is strong, rigid and light.
  • AURUM MANTO ECT Custom Carbon layup
  • CFD optimized aero fork and front triangle
  • FEA optimized frame tube dimensions and shape for every size
  • Internal cable routing through headset
  • Strainght 1.5''-1.5'' headset
  • Electronic and mechanical drivetrain compatible
  • 5 frame sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58,
  • T47 bottom bracket
  • 27.2mm round seat post with custom hidden wedge
  • 12mm stealth ultralight thru-axles
  • Flat mount disc brake only
  • UDH derraileur hanger
  • Clearance for 45mm tires
  • Top-tube bag mounts

Size guide

MANTO is available in five sizes* to suit almost every rider:
  • 48 – Recommended for riders from 152 to 163cm tall (5’0” to 5’4”)
  • 51 – Recommended for riders from 161 to 170cm tall (5’3” to 5’7”)
  • 54 – Recommended for riders from 170 to 177cm tall (5’7” to 5’10”)
  • 56 – Recommended for riders from 175 to 181cm tall (5’9” to 6’)
  • 58 – Recommended for riders from 180 to 188cm tall (5’11” to 6’2”)
*This chart should only be used as a reference, for choosing the correct frame size to your body proportions please contact us through our website and/or visit a certified bike-fitter near you.

Lifetime Warranty

The Frame and Fork have a 2 year warranty that you can upgrade to a lifetime warranty if you register your frame serial number in our website


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