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Aerodynamic Road Bikes

Aero carbon road bikes are very common in both the professional and amateur world. Many people looked for an aero road bike in 2023 and during the previous months in order to have the best quality and performance on hand at the beginning of the year. If you belong to this group, at AURUM, we have the best solution for you. Discover our aero carbon road bikes models below, and choose yours to start the season on the right foot.

Faster and more adaptable bikes

All professional cyclist use carbon road bikes, and of course it has a reason of being: these models are the fastest and the most adaptable ones. They are the result of years and years of technological development carried out by experts, such as Alberto Contador, Ivan Basso, and their team. If they are the models chosen by great competitors and winners of this sport, there is no more to say.

In consequence, if you are looking for a high-performance aero road bike, we have what you need. Do not hesitate and take a look at our top models, MAGMA and ESSENTIA. Keep in mind that they are 100% customizable, so play a bit with our builder before purchasing yours.

The importance of aerodynamics in cycling

Aerodynamics obsesses champions. When it comes to competing, each millisecond counts. If you want to improve your results on the road, the first step is to buy the best aero road bike you can afford, always taking into account your sporting or leisure objectives.

It is true that many factors that condition aerodynamics do not depend on each cyclist. That is the case of the asphalt conditions, the weather or even the wind. However, we can reduce the probability of failure by choosing an excellent product. Moreover, the faster you pedal, the greater the resistance; you will be able to use your bike as a long distance bike. For this reason, you also have to take into account the environment where you are going to cycle, and to analyze the conditions that may affect your aerodynamics.

The best aerodynamic bike

What are the best aerodynamic road bikes?

When we want to find the best bicycle on the market, we must first define what ‘best aero road bike’ is. At AURUM, we believe in customization, because not everyone is the same, especially when they practice a sport as diverse as cycling. For that reason, there is no such a correct answer to determine which is the best aero road bike. It would be better to talk about the most aero road bikes in terms of quality, materials, fittings or even safety. At AURUM, we are at our highest level in these parameters.


Think about your personal conditions, define your sporting or leisure goals, and choose a product that meets all your requirements. In this way, you will find the best option for you. Don’t get carried away by the models chosen by others: you deserve a unique aero road bike! Finally, do not forget that the cycling environment means everything: Are you pedaling indoors or outdoors? Answer the question before choosing the most aero road bike you can find!

aerodynamic bikes

Why are carbon bikes so light?

Nowadays, carbon fiber is one of the lightest materials on the market. It is also the result of the latest technology applied to many sectors, as this component is not only used in the world of cycling. Its lightness is due to the structure of the material, as the carbon filaments overlap to create a thin, yet strong and waterproof ‘fabric’.

However, you have to take into account that lightness does not only depend on this material, since it is only present on the frame. Other accessories and components, such as tires, handlebars or the saddle, also influence aerodynamics. For that reason, bear it in mind when equipping your aero road bike. It is no use choosing the most expensive and lightest frame on the market if the rest of the components make us lose time in the most important race of the season, don’t you think so?

More performance and better quality

At AURUM, we are more than aware of the current needs of both professional and amateur cyclists. For this reason, all our bike models, that is, MAGMA and ESSENTIA, are aero road bikes. We only offer cutting-edge products so that you can make the most of every competition, route or plan with your bicycle. We want it to become your best mate, and, of course, a product on which you can count no matter when and where. In addition, aerodynamics is not at odds with quality. Choosing a lighter material will not make you pedal less safely or have a greater impact in the event of an accident. Trust the experts behind our brand, you will not regret it!


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle an bottle cage, spot for M312 or GF Contador, and a garment from our catalogue as a complimentary gift.


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