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Road bikes designed for long-distance cycling

There are cyclists who go beyond their daily training with their partner in crime. Some are not satisfied with spending a couple of hours on their bike on the road or on any other terrain. If you are one of those who prefer long distances, and therefore a long distance road bike is always the best option for you, at AURUM we are on your side.

The most complete bikes for long distance

A road long-distance bike is more comfortable when it is well-equipped. On these routes, it is essential to have the necessary accessories to avoid unnecessary stops or even unpleasant accidents. That is why we offer you the most complete gran fondo road bikes. You choose how far you want to go: thanks to our online configurator, you can select the details, fittings and accessories that you like and that best suit your daily needs.

What is a long distance race or endurance?

These bikes are called by many names: a long distance road bike, gran fondo or endurance. In short, all these refer to the same product, i.e, a bike designed for athletes looking for resistance, strength, and durability on their longest and most demanding routes.


In terms of design, a road long-distance bike also has some unique features. Firstly, its tires tend to be wider, as these will be suitable for both road and gravel or muddy terrain. They will also have to cope with potholes and other materials on the road. In addition, the braking system is also more powerful, as it is designed to react quickly to unforeseen events. Finally, the geometry is usually less aggressive, although this will depend on the manufacturer and the design each cyclist is looking for.

Endurance road bikes

What should you look for when buying a long distance bike?

If you are looking for a long-distance road bike, the first thing to do is to define what are your main needs. You can make a short list of your must-haves. This will make it much easier for you to refine your search. As a general principle, the first thing to rule out is usually related to how you are going to use this means of transport. In your case, do you need a normal road mountain bike or an endurance one for the performance it can offer you while cycling? Think about it carefully before making this decision.


Once you have done this, you can explore different price ranges. However, do not get carried away by this figure. Remember that a quality road bike will last you for many years, and you will be able to cover thousands and thousands of kilometers on it. If you make a good investment, you will not have to repeat it. However, a poorer quality product will soon take its toll on you. Finally, think about the aesthetics of your gran fondo road bike: what colors do you like? What fittings best suit your tastes? Remember that there are manufacturers such as AURUM that allow you to take customization to the extreme.

Performance and comfort

As a general rule, a road long-distance bike is more comfortable than other models on the market. Keep in mind that it is designed to be ridden for long hours. Therefore, we assume that you will find a model that offers high performance and absolute comfort. Go out and ride your gran fondo road bike and try it out. If you are not convinced by these two parameters, look for another product or make the necessary adjustments to make it your ideal companion for a day’s training, a race or a ride.
long distance bikes

What does a long-distance cyclist ask from his bike?

As we always say, every cyclist has his or her own needs. That’s why it would be a huge mistake to generalize when we talk about what each person is looking for in a long distance bike. No one knows you better than you do: analyze your needs, think about the terrain you ride or the terrain you would like to start riding and find the ideal product.


There are many options available! We recommend you to read the technical data sheet of each product and take a look at the additional features that each of them can offer you. After all, many of them are common to all models.

High performance from start to finish

Whatever you are looking for, at AURUM we offer high performance from start to finish. All our products have been designed by experts in this sport, so they will provide you with everything you are looking for. To have one of our bikes is to have the expertise of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso in every training, road or competition. We adapt to your needs from the design phase of the product until it arrives at your home. We are here to help you!


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle an bottle cage, spot for M312 or GF Contador, and a garment from our catalogue as a complimentary gift.


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