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Angèle Paty, the new AURUM ambassador in France

Angèle Paty is a fearless young cyclist. With her new MANTO, she will take us on adventures, through her travels, intense life experiences, and encounters.

Introduction of the new AURUM ambassador in France, Angèle Paty

Angèle, could you introduce yourself?

I am a student at Sciences Po Paris and originally from Montpellier in the south of France. Alongside my studies, I love starting new projects, live life intensely, and set sporting challenges for myself.

How did you get into cycling?

I have always been athletic, but I seriously started cycling in 2020. I quickly had the idea of embarking on a cycling trip, and it was finally during the lockdown, blocked from my projects, that I decided to go bike-packing alone, heading to Scotland. Since then, I have also been practicing gravel bike.

Can you tell us a bit more about this trip, why Scotland?

It’s the country where I was supposed to go for my Erasmus year. After only a few weeks there, I was abruptly stopped, and I had to return to France because of Covid. That’s where my crazy desire to go on an adventure and break out of my comfort zone for two months was born. I ended up covering over 2500km solo and experienced intense feelings of happiness and freedom that I had never felt before.

How do you see your collaboration with AURUM?

I am proud to represent AURUM, a young brand created by 2 great champions, enthusiasts, who want to leverage their cycling experience for people like me.

I have just received my new MANTO bike, in Castilla color, and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to start my upcoming adventures with it…

Can you tell us about your plans for 2024?

I want to return to Scotland, retracing the steps of this first cycling journey that means so much to me. I also intend to continue exploring France, including the Pyrenees and perhaps some routes in the Alps.

I will also be participating in the Étape du Tour, for the 3rd time.

In short, it’s shaping up to be an intense year, and I’m eager to share it with you!

Follow Angèle on her Instagram account (@angele_pa) and on the AURUM France account (