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Why is electronic shifting better than mechanical?

Mechanical vs electronic shifting? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among people who want to buy a new road bike. At AURUM, we are aware of the doubts that exist and the concern that this question can cause. Therefore, we have set out to solve all the doubts regarding mechanical vs electronic shifting. Here we go!

AURUM Bikes: equipped with electronic gears

At AURUM, we know that, nowadays, the electric bike shifting is the best on the market. For this reason, we had no hesitation in including it in all our bicycle models in the first drafts of the products. Here are the reasons we found for making such an important and decisive decision for our catalog. As you may already know, many of the features of our high-performance road bikes are customizable. However, there is no possibility to change gears. Why? Because we only offer the best options to our customers, and they are always related to quality, performance, comfort and precision. What happens if it fails? Don’t worry. We are aware that all systems, from the most traditional to the newest, can give us a shock even at the most inopportune moment. At AURUM, we are more than prepared to accompany you in those moments. We have an online shop full of original spare parts ready to get you out of any trouble.
Our best electronic shifting bikes

What are the advantages of electronic shifting?

The best way to resolve the mechanical vs. electronic shifting question is to highlight the advantages of the latter, since the former is more than well known in the sector. The first strong point is that the shifting is done with a simple click, which saves any worry or confusion that could even lead to an accident in competition or during training. In addition, the gear lever can be placed anywhere, not only in the traditional position on the handlebars. Find your comfort in any situation!

Moreover, it should not be overlooked that electronic shifting implies that the product has been designed with cutting-edge technology, as this system represents the greatest innovation on the market. The possibility of mechanical failure is reduced, which also provides safety and comfort for the cyclist. Finally, many electric shifting machines and systems offer a data-driven experience. This means that data on your pedaling process will be collected, and you can later analyze them to discover your performance level.

Low-effort shifting

Races and road routes are sometimes very tough. In particular, there are many uphill and downhill sections that show the pedaling technique and the hours of hard training that lie behind each cyclist. However, in professional races, days of continuous effort are accumulated, and it is not always possible to demonstrate the full potential of an athlete. Thanks to the electric bike shifting, high-performance  sportsmen and sportswomen will find support for the hardest moments.

As mentioned before, the effort to change gear is minimal. There is no cable that has to be tensioned to trigger the movement: just give the command to the installed system! It turns road bikes into a real machine at the service of effort and performance, but a certain personal and human factor is preserved: it is up to each athlete to choose the moment of change, to educate the machine and to teach it how to pedal in each circumstance.


Although aesthetics are not always the most important thing when choosing a racing companion, who does not like to pedal a bike that makes everyone turn to look at it? Thanks to the incorporation of an electric bike shifting, the aesthetics become even better: there is no longer a system installed in the frame, and it remains free and clean.

It should also be noted that the traditional system, that is, the mechanical one, includes a web of cables that can sometimes become entangled in the legs, feet or pedals. They can even be damaged if any part of the race is off-road! Therefore, including electronic shifting also reduces the possibility of an accident.

electronic shifting
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The industry of trending away from mechanical

One of AURUM’s differentiating points is that we are always at the forefront, both in the market and in the best high-level competitions. Although the electronic changeover still has some drawbacks compared to the traditional model, we will therefore continue to equip our bikes with electric bike shifting until we find a better or more precise traction method for our products. Thanks to our research and development team, we are constantly changing, always on the lookout for changes in the industry. Do not miss out on what’s to come!


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