AURUM Essentia Polar White and AURUM Essentia Racing Red

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Essentia widens its color range: Polar White and Racing Red

From Magma to Essentia: high performance

AURUM has transferred the incredible experience generated by the Magma model to the new Essentia, presented this summer and with great sales success. The result has been a bicycle with technical characteristics and performance standards similar to Magma. The essence of Magma.

Essentia Racing Red and Essentia Polar White

Now, the Essentia model completes the catalog with two new finishes: Racing Red, with the base of the frame kit in red, inspired by very sporty and competition tones, and Polar White, giving all the prominence to white, being discreet and very elegant. With the arrival of these two new options, a range of four different colors is offered, from a daring and informal Cyan Blue to the more timeless Polar White or Stone Grey.

You have now 4 different colors to choose from in combination with Shimano Ultegra Di2 or Sram Force AXS groupset

The new Essentia Racing Red and Essentia Polar White: Both paint finishes maintain the upper part of the horizontal tube of the frame and the inside of the fork, in black, motifs that clearly mark the design and personality of Essentia compared to Magma.

The final paint finish is gloss, which greatly facilitates its maintenance and prevents the adhesion of dust and dirt.

Builds Essentia Polar White and Racing Red

Essentia is available with two electronic groupset options and 6 sizes (48 – 51 – 54 – 56 – 58 – 61): Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Sram Force AXS with Deda components, Zipp 303s or Enve Foundation wheels and Prologo Scratch M5 Pass Tirox saddle.

AURUM wants to harness the launch of Essentia Polar White, to give visibility to the serious problem of global warming and, as a consequence, the melting of the poles.

Why is it worrying that the poles of the Earth are becoming less white?

The main reason why the poles of the planet get cold is not because they are frozen, they get cold mainly because they are white. That white reflects just the right amount of solar energy back into space. That the poles remain white is vital for humanity.

This cooling effect has been instrumental in keeping the Earth’s temperature stable.

Arctic sea ice is losing mass at record rates, exposing the ocean surface. The problem is that while ice reflects 90% of the Sun’s heat, water only reflects 20% and 80% is absorbed, raising its temperature, which also causes it to expand.

The combination of melting ice and expanding water is causing sea levels to rise, posing a threat to coastal cities, including several of the world’s capitals.

The damage already generated will cause the sea level to rise 50cm from 1900 levels by 2050.

“It seems little but when you project it on the coastline, depending on the slope of the coast, it can reach kilometers,” say the scientists.

What has been lost the most is Arctic sea ice, but this change is reversible if we act soon.

The loss of sea ice is not irreversible, if we decrease the temperature, the sea ice will increase.

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