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Road bikes designed for women

At AURUM, we firmly believe that everyone can practice cycling, as this sport offers multiple physical and emotional benefits. For this reason, we have women’s road bikes that adapt to the needs of all our customers. Women are increasingly present in the world of sport at both amateur and professional level, so we could not be left behind in this change of the sporting paradigm!

Adaptability: the main characteristic of our bikes

All the bike models available on our online shop, Magma and Essentia, thanks to the many customization options available in our configurator, result in a bike that is one hundred percent suitable for women. The same goes for the fittings and accessories we offer, such as our cycling bibs or jerseys. In any case, remember to buy those products with which you can get the best out of yourself on each route.

Keep in mind that women are generally shorter than men. For this reason, matching carbon frames they will use will be smaller. We do not offer a single women’s road bike size, since we are more than aware of this situation. Our high-performance bicycles are designed from experience in the sector, so we always want to offer the best to our female partners.

Look for the perfect bike for you

What is the perfect road bike for women?

There is no such thing as a perfect and uniform women’s road bike. Every cyclist is a unique individual with specific needs, and we are more than aware of it. However, there are hundreds of recommended products, combinations and fittings to enable women to cycle on the road or on any type of terrain in complete safety and comfort.

In the case of wanting to get started in the road competition world or if you are already fully immersed in it, a good option is to buy a women’s carbon road bike. These are very lightweight bikes and offer the best performance on the market. In addition, they are aesthetically very beautiful, and allow almost complete customization. Finally, you should also bear in mind that they are very resistant, so they will allow you to train very hard for many years, or even competing, without needing to change your women’s road bike.

Women’s road bikes

Specifications of women’s road bikes

Before purchasing a women’s carbon road bike, it is necessary to know in detail all its specificities. It is therefore mandatory to pay attention to the various information provided on the product’s technical data sheet. The same applies to the other accessories that you want to purchase for cycling, such as a women’s road bike helmet. Make sure they are all approved and certified products so as not to endanger your safety.

The size of the road bike

As in all other cases, a women’s road bike size should be chosen according to her height. The custom carbon fiber frames that we offer at AURUM are adapted to different measurements. You can count on our products if you are between 152 cm (size 48) and 195 cm (size 61). To make sure you do not make a mistake when choosing, be sure to measure yourself against a wall, with your back straight and barefoot.

Once you have chosen the core frame that best suits your height, remember that the rest of the fittings should also match this product. For example, it will not do any good to ride with pedals that are not at the height you need, or with handlebars that do not allow you to ride comfortably.

The saddles of the bike

Nowadays, almost all bicycle models on the market have a standard unisex saddle. The greatest advantage of AURUM saddles is that they are valid for any person, as well as any type of bike.

To get the most out of a women’s road bike saddle, we also recommend you wearing a good and high-quality jersey, culotte or bib. Some models have a padded part that will offer you comfort and help cushion any gradient in the terrain.

Customize your own adapted bike for women

At AURUM, we believe that each of our clients is unique. That is why we offer you the option of customizing your women’s carbon road bike. In our bikes configurator, you can choose the color of the frame, its size according to your height, and even the decals. And if you want the complete personalization kit, why not take a look at the rest of our products? You will find water bottles, bottle cages or even handlebar bar tape. This way, you will have a truly original model what will stand out from the rest.


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle and a bottle cage, a garment from our catalogue and a three-month free subscription to BKOOL as a complimentary gift.


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