Custom road bikes

The world of sport offers more and more options for customization. The truth is that brands have recently realized that no two sportsmen and women are the same: everyone has his or her own circumstances and how well they perform depends to a large extent on choosing the right equipment.

In the case of professional cycling, this also happens, and at AURUM we are also aware of this new reality. That is why on our website you can buy your custom road bike. Do you want to know more? Keep on reading!

Custom your bike to your prefences on the road

Although all road routes may look the same, those who spend long hours cycling know that the reality is very different. In addition, some people prefer to ride when the sun is out, others enjoy cycling even in the rain and there are those who choose to go off the beaten track and swap asphalt for gravel. At AURUM, we have a solution for all of them.


Thanks to our custom road bike builder, you can get the personalized road bike of your dreams. We have different components so you can choose the ones you prefer. Remember that the most important thing is that you think about your preferences on the road, your current level (or the level you want to reach) in the world of cycling and your aesthetic tastes.

Why buy a road bike tailored to you?

Choosing to purchase such a product through a road bike customizer has many advantages. Here are the most important ones you need to know:

  • Standing out. It will be very difficult (or even impossible!) to find a custom road bike like yours. For example, if you compete professionally, everyone will remember your bicycle. It will be part of your personal brand.
  • Sense of belonging. When you design your own personalized road bike, you already know that it will be yours. Since you are a unique cyclist, your bike has to be up to the task too.
  • Adaptability. Say goodbye to standard, common and made-for-everyone products. Choose performance and cutting-edge materials to improve your results on the road.

You have to take into account that professional cyclist always choose a road bike customizer at the beginning of the season. If they are the experts, why don’t we listen to them?

Do you want to custum your own bike? In AURUM, you can

What can you modify and choose on your custom bike?

When we think about customizing a high performance road bike, we must consider which elements are those on which we can leave our personal mark. If you are thinking of buying your own custom road bike, consider the following recommendations.

Decide between Lightweight or Enve fitment

Tires are the only point of contact between the bicycle and the asphalt. It is therefore essential to choose a product of the highest quality. In this case, almost all custom carbon road bikes use Lightweight or Enve wheels. Each model is designed for specific circumstances and offers very different performances. You will be able to choose between these two products depending on your needs. 

The first ones will offer you a faster acceleration, since they are lighter, and their adherence is bigger. However, the second ones are specifically designed to improve aerodynamics during a competition. Which ones fit you better?

Choose your frame size

The frame size of a custom road bike depends on your height. If you choose one that is too big or too small, you will not be able to pedal comfortably. It is therefore essential that you measure the length of your legs barefoot and standing. Moreover, if you still need a higher degree of personalization, at AURUM you can also choose the color of the decals. Without a doubt, thanks to them, you will be able to create a more daring and eye-catching bike.

Custom bikes

Customize the color of your bike

When we talk about customizing the color of a bike, we are actually talking about choosing the color of the frame and handlebars. After all, the other components are usually black (saddle, wheels, etc.). This is a very personal choice. Keep in mind that it will never influence your performance on the road and that it is an aesthetic and purely decorative element. However, a good carbon custom road bike will be able to make you stand out by its design while pedaling.

Choose your custom AURUM road bike

At AURUM, we have our own road bike customizer so you can take personalization to the next level. If you have any doubts, let our team of experts advise you. Keep in mind that our bikes are of the highest quality, and they have the best fittings, so you will be able to keep them for many years if you do a good maintenance.


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