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The best high-end road bikes

Are you looking for the best road bikes? At AURUM, we have the best solutions in terms of high-end bicycles. Our models have been designed for experts specially for you, and they offer the best performance both on the road and off-road. This latter characteristic also includes the best endurance road bikes in the event you are an adventurous sportsman or women. Do not miss out on anything!

Why to buy a high-end bike?

Many people think that there is no need of buying high-end bicycles, since their purpose is the same as the one of a common one. However, everything depends on the point of view, on the objective that each professional or amateur cyclist has. For this reason, it is essential that you carry out a preliminary analysis before deciding to buy any type of product with these characteristics. Here you have some reasons to purchase a high-end road bike in the event you have decided this is your best and more suitable option:

  • Better performance. High-end bicycles are defined as such for a reason: the performance they offer on the road. Their design is more precise, and more competition-oriented. For this reason, they are the best option for experts, but also for amateurs willing to improve their sporting career.
  • Standing out. Can you imagine being the center of attention? When pedaling, you can be the best in terms of speed or performance, but aesthetics are also meaningful.
  • Adaptability. At AURUM, we are committed to customization. We have our own builder so you can choose the frame, tires, decals, and color of your bike. Best professional road bikes are adapted to its cyclist, and that is what we want to offer you. Isn’t it great?
  • Quality assurance. When you buy a high-end bike, you are buying a luxury product. The price is worth it because you are paying the highest quality guarantee a manufacturer can offer nowadays. Plus, should anything happen to your bike, you will find an immediate response from the production team.

In the event that you need to take a look at some high-end bicycle models, here you can consult the technical data sheet of the products available in the AURUM online shop. If you already belong to that lucky group of people who enjoy some of the best bicycles on the market, you can check out our high-end bicycles components catalog.

At AURUM, we have the best high-end bikes

What characterizes a high-end bike?

The first thing you need to know about high-end bikes is that they are the ideal product for professionals, since their expertise on the road will be key to make the most of these bicycles. However, it does not mean that amateur cyclist cannot use them: they are also perfect if you are planning to give this sport a go. Thanks to their quality, you will be able to keep them by your side for years and years, so that your progress can be accompanied by an excellent product.

Moreover, they are more exclusive bicycles than those offered at standard stores. There, they normally offer a wide range of products, but they belong to the low-medium range. High-quality road bikes are not always present, so it is harder to find such a good model. The same goes for their high-end bicycles components, key to strengthen the natural characteristics of this type of bikes.

Materials and qualities of a high-end bike

In order to say that a bicycle is a high-end product, it has to meet certain requirements. The first one is related to the materials used. In general, cutting-edge models are built with carbon fiber, the most resistant, versatile, and aerodynamic component on the market. Tires are also essential, since they are the only point of contact between you and the asphalt. For this reason, choosing adherence and durability is a must.

In terms of qualities, its lightness and aerodynamics should be emphasized. Both of them are meaningful when competing, but also for leisure purposes. Resistance when facing wind or difficult weather conditions will be lower, as well as the risk of suffering an accident on the road because stability is also taken into account during the design process. Aesthetically, a bicycle of this type is also more beautiful, as we manufacturers pay more attention to the finishing and final details of the production process.

high-end bikes

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High-end bicycles

At AURUM, we only offer our customers the best road bikes made of carbon fiber and high-end bicycles components. This way, we are able to guarantee the best performance on the road regardless of your objectives. Our models MAGMA and ESSENTIA are fully customizable so that you can adapt the final result to your needs. Do not forget to purchase the accessories you need to enjoy your routes to the fullest too. They are available online!


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle and a bottle cage, a garment from our catalogue and a three-month free subscription to BKOOL as a complimentary gift.


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