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Buying a professional road bike, is it possible?

Being a good amateur cyclist with a professional bike is possible.

Many people believe that buying a professional road bike is only an option available to high-performance athletes. However, AURUM wants to democratize access to this type of luxury and exclusive products. The same goes for professional road bike fittings: who does not want to have a high quality bicycle, with the latest technology on the market, and aesthetically perfect at the same time? Discover what AURUM has to offer you in terms of professional road bikes.

AURUM Bikes: designed by professional cyclists

Our professional bikes have been designed by two multiple Grand Tour champions, Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, experts in the sector. Both of them have ridden pro team bikes since they were very young, so the quality of these bicycles is the result of their vast expertise. This means safety on the road, something that every cyclist needs on a daily basis.

The same applies to professional road bike configuration. During long days of training, racing or competing, we need as much comfort as possible in order to focus on the road. The complementary equipment must be part of you, offer you what you need at all times, and make the results of your long training days even more tangible.

The best professional bikes in AURUM

Differentials of professionals bikes

What sets a pro team bike apart from the rest is the quality and type of materials used. Generally, they are made of lighter and stronger materials, such as carbon fiber, which influences the weight of a professional road bike. It means that they get into very light bicycles.

They also offer greater performance, power and resilience on the road, so they are ready to face any kind of adversity. In this case, therefore, lightness is not synonymous with vulnerability. Finally, aerodynamics are much better, since high-performance bikes drag for the best efficiency and speed.

The price of a professional road bike is another big difference. In general, they tend to be more expensive products, but they also offer unimaginable features on a normal bicycle. For this reason, we can say that they are the best investment for people who live on the road, and for whom cycling is more than just a sport. And they are for both men and women.

Professional bikes

What types of bikes are used in major competitions?

Different types of bikes may be used depending on the category. Among competition bicycles, we can find track, trail, cross or road bikes. These latter are our reason for being at AURUM. Each type of bike is designed for a specific purpose and situation. However, all of them can offer you different advantages that will help you progress in your cycling career.

The main types of road cycling bikes

There are many types of road cycling bikes. First of all, sport bicycles are the perfect product to start. They are the simplest models, but one of the most effective, and they will be the ideal on-the-road partner during any route on the road. Moreover, they may include some professional road bike fittings, such as carbon frames.

Secondly, endurance road bikes are one of the most used types of road cycling bikes. They have been specifically designed for long-distance routes, so comfort is their key asset. Endurance bicycles also allow a more relaxed posture to avoid and to prevent injuries. Lightness is also present, but materials and fittings are thicker, so this kind of product is not always as aesthetic as other road bikes.

Note that there are many other types of road cycling bikes. For example, racing bikes, which are ideal for very difficult ascents due to their geometry, triathlon bikes, which are specific for cycling on sheer and flat terrain alternately, or even track bikes designed to compete in a velodrome.

How much does a professional road bike cost?

When you decide to buy a professional road bike, you are choosing your new partner on the road. Prices of professional road bikes tend to vary quite a lot, since every cyclist has different needs. For this reason, we believe in the customization of our AURUM bikes. Do not forget that a high prize is not always synonymous with better performance, but with a higher quality of materials.

Moreover, the price of a professional road bike is not only limited to the purchase of the product itself. There are many complementary spare parts and elements that you will have to choose depending on the environment in which you normally pedal or compete. Considering all these factors will help you plan your budget to buy a professional road bike.

Do you want to ride a professional road bike?

Riding a high-performance road bike has never been easier. At AURUM, we offer you a wide range of customizable bikes so that you will always find what you are looking for. We take into account the needs of every cyclist, offering detailed specifications, recommended sizes, and many more information. Without any doubt, this is the opportunity you are looking for to ride a professional road bike.


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle an bottle cage, spot for M312 or GF Contador, and a garment from our catalogue as a complimentary gift.


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