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Carbon fiber and aluminum road bikes: which is better?

Dozens of questions are present when an athlete wants to buy a new road companion. In relation to the material of manufacture, the most frequent is the following: carbon fiber vs. aluminum road bike, which is better? At AURUM, we always defend that there are no better or worse products, but cyclists with different needs. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

Our carbon fiber road bikes

All high-performance bikes available from AURUM are made from carbon fiber. It is a synthetic material, made using the best technology at the service of sport. It is much stronger than steel and weighs less. We can then say that carbon bikes are faster than aluminum bikes, since aerodynamics and stiffness are always present. In addition, bicycles that use this material are designed as a single piece, while the aluminum is welded, which can cause cracks.

At AURUM, materials are at the service of quality, comfort and top performance. It means that we always choose the most cutting-edge options as a result of a process of research and innovation based on experience. Moreover, the expertise of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso are present in every model so that you can learn from best practices in the sector.

Carbon road bikes

Is an aluminum bike better than a carbon bike?

Definitely not. When choosing an aluminum or a carbon road bike, many aspects must be taken into account. First of all, there is not such a definition of ‘better’, since users are quite diverse. It is a general truth that carbon bikes are lighter than aluminum bicycles, for example, but what if an expert is looking for a heavy product to train strength and muscle development?

Our best recommendation is to make a list with all your essential requirements. After that, classify them: when it comes to a road bike, the weight of aluminum vs. carbon is important to you? Or is it just a complement? Look for your musts, and select them in our configurator! In case of doubt, ask the professionals working at AURUM to get their advice.

Moreover, the essense of AURUM is to let the cyclist to choose the specifications of the bikes. You will have the best personalized bike for you.

carbon bikes

Do carbon bikes last as long as aluminum bikes?

As a general rule, carbon bikes tend to last longer as aluminum bikes, since the material is also stronger. However, everything depends on each cyclist, and on the maintenance of the product. Every surface, accessory and fitting needs to be cleaned, fixed or even replaced in case of imperfection. Choose certified and quality tools to take care of your road companion. Otherwise, your economic investment will be in vain.


Carbon bikes are stronger than aluminum ones, but this advantage goes to waste if you do not take the time after each training session or race to fix any damage. The best way to show how hard you have trained is to deeply know your road mate. Finally, do not hesitate to get advice from industry professionals if you are unsure how to increase the service life of your bicycle.

Does a carbon road bike make a difference?

Statistics do not lie. If we analyze the bunches of the best high-level races, most of the professional cyclists use a carbon road bike. They are also the main option among teams for their sportsmen and sportswomen. However, a perfect product means nothing if hard training does not exist. An expert knows how to make the most out of each bicycle, so even an aluminum bike would stand in his or her hands.


Moreover, take into account that each terrain has its demands. Many professionals have diverse road bikes, and they are used in different situations. A big part of this sport is related to analysis and responsiveness, so you may learn to identify which is your current situation to make the most of it. If you have the opportunity, give yourself the chance to try both carbon fiber vs. aluminum road bikes. That is the only way to discover what works for you.

cuadro bicicleta carretera aluminio

Carbon bikes are more responsive

In general, carbon fiber bikes tend to create a more uniform and responsive whole. This means that its components are fully integrated. The difference between a good carbon frame vs. aluminum frame comes into play, as this is the centerpiece of any bicycle. Since it is the largest piece, it must be light, strong and comfortable. At AURUM, we are committed to the complete customization of all our bikes, so you can choose the carbon fiber frame that best suits you according to your height.


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle and a bottle cage, a garment from our catalogue and a three-month free subscription to BKOOL as a complimentary gift.


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