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Types of road bikes, what is the difference?

The bicycle market is becoming increasingly specialized. A large number of people choose to cycle outdoors, on the track, on the road or even professionally. We are fully aware that the many options offered by this sport mean that there are many different types of road bikes. Stick around to find out more about the main types of bikes that you can buy on the market nowadays.


Models designed by recognized cycling proffesionals

At AURUM, we are fully aware that every cyclist has specific needs. That is why we count on the expertise of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso, two of the most outstanding cyclists of the modern era. They have no shortage of knowledge about road cycling bikes, as these products have been part of their lives for many years.


All the models that you will find at AURUM have four strong points that will help you to enjoy your outings and training sessions. The first of these is their stiffness, which will offer you the stability you need on every stretch of road. The second is comfort, an essential feature for long days on the bike. The third is aerodynamics, with ergonomic designs that optimize efficiency. The last is weight, as all models are made of carbon fiber to make them lightweight.

Climbing road bike

Do you cycle on terrains with a lot of uphill, downhill and uneven terrain? Then you need a climbing road bike. These types of bicycles are designed to offer you lightness on the toughest sections and endurance on those where the speed is higher. Thanks to them, you will be able to practice this sport without compromising your safety.

Their gear system will make sure you get the best performance at all times. All this will boost your training hours and allow you to get the best out of these models. Moreover, you need to know that they are among the most chosen a professional bike by professional cycling teams.

Essentia, one of the best bicycles

Endurance road bike

Endurance road bikes, also called ‘long distance race bikes’ or even ‘gran fondo bicycles’ are those designed for pedaling for hours. They are the products of choice for professional or amateur cyclist who need to stay on their bikes during a rather big amount of kilometers. As you can imagine, they offer a lot of comfort and resistance, as they are prepared to face any weather conditions.

Bear in mind that the structure of these road cycling bikes is not very different from the rest. The frame, handlebars and even the pedals are the same as on other models. However, the tires are usually wider to face potholes and to offer better adherence, and there may also be a space to carry saddlebags or other storage space for water and supplies.

Aero road bike

The aero road bikes are the latest development in the sector. They include many new technologies and are models that stand out for their incredible aerodynamics (hence the name). They are ideal products for races and competitions where time takes priority. The same goes for time trial bicycles, chosen by the top cyclists in the peloton to achieve their personal bests.

types of bikes

What should you look for when choosing your road bike?

As you can see, there are many models of road bikes. Therefore, when choosing yours, you should consider the following factors:

  • Technical specifications. Check all the manufacturing details of your new high-performance road bicycle. Thanks to this information, you will know if your must-haves are present in what will be your new companion.
  • Performance. Each type of bike has been designed to offer different features. These relate to the terrain or environment for which they are suited. Think about where you ride and identify what your bike needs to offer you in each terrain.
  • Price. It is important to stick to your budget. However, we recommend that this is the last parameter you look at. Keep in mind that the price is only a reflection of the quality of the product. In addition, you can make a good investment so that your bike will last many thousands of kilometers with you.

Finally, don’t lose sight of the accessories or fittings. They are also an essential part of this sport, as many of them enhance comfort or performance on the road. Choose the best quality materials, and select only those essential products to avoid an excess load.

Other types of bikes

Are you looking for different types of road bikes apart from the ones mentioned? Maybe a gravel bike or a triathlon bike? These models do not belong to what we consider road cycling bikes, since their characteristics are quite different. However, at AURUM we take into account all our cyclists’ needs. Stay tuned to discover the new types of bikes to come!


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle an bottle cage, spot for M312 or GF Contador, and a garment from our catalogue as a complimentary gift.


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