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Really light road bikes

Looking for a lighter road bike than your current one, but not sure if you will make the right choice in your next purchase? At AURUM, we explain to you why you should choose a lighter road bike if you are looking to improve your performance in a professional or amateur cycling environment.

The lightest road bikes you can buy

AURUM manufactures high-performance road bikes following its own and unique principle: the use during the creation process of the experience accumulated by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso in their many competitions. That is why you will not be hard-pressed to find a lighter road bike in our catalog.


We are also aware that each athlete is unique. That is why we do not provide standard products for everyone: we offer you the possibility to choose what you need in our performance bike configurator. Have you not tried it yet? In it, we explain to you why each element, accessory and fitting so that you understand perfectly what kind of high-performance road bike you are building together with AURUM.

The lightest bikes, in AURUM

How much should a road bike weigh?

High-performance professional road bikes usually weigh no more than seven or eight kilograms. However, you should bear in mind that this figure only refers to the basic structure of any model, i.e., the frame or the handlebar. Subsequently, you will need to equip it correctly to go out pedaling and give your best in all circumstances.

For example, you should consider the weight of your light road bike tires. Be very careful when choosing them, and always prioritize the quality and safety they can offer you. Remember that, after all, they are the only point of contact between you and the road. It is important to say that this is valid for both men and women.

lightweight road bike

Characteristics of a lightweight road bike

At first glance, lightweight road bikes are the same as all other products on the market. However, if we analyze them in depth, we will soon discover that the reality is quite different. Here you have the main characteristics of a lighter road bike:


As you can deduce, the weight of a high-performance bicycle depends greatly on the materials from which it is made. In these cases, they are usually made of carbon fiber, a strong, but very light material.


In general, lighter road bikes tend to have a higher price tag. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the manufacturing materials are more expensive, such as carbon fiber. The second is that they are designed for high competition, so they have been created according to the latest technology on the market, and will always offer you both the comfort and performance you need.


Another of the most important characteristics of lightweight road bicycles is their durability. When you are out riding in the countryside, you do not know what kind of weather you are going to have to deal with. That is why we need the confidence that comes from a product that is resistant and designed by the best professionals in the sector. Thanks to AURUM, it does not matter if it is raining, muddy or sunny. You will always be safe!
Finally, remember to always consult the technical data sheet of each product. We stand for transparency, and here you will always find all the information you need to know about our high-performance professional road bikes.

Importance of lightness in the high performance championships

When it comes to professional championships, cyclists prepare for months or even years to win and show what they are capable of. It is clear that this training is key to achieving a good result, but having a good bike equipped with the lightest road bike wheels is fundamental, as it is the only compulsory element in this sport. Having a lighter road bike will make all the hours of work worthwhile and visible on the road.

The weight of a bike will influence during gradients, the aerodynamics on the straights and the effort the athlete has to make to tackle the toughest sections of the competition. This is why choosing a lightweight road bike is the best decision to make. Also, keep in mind that the lightest carbon road bikes always tend to belong to the champions… It is no coincidence, is it?

One of the most important qualities in a bicycle

As you have seen, lightness is one of the most important characteristics of a bicycle. If you are thinking of buying one to replace yours or to get started in this sport, we recommend that you opt for one of the lightest carbon road bikes on the market, i.e. one of AURUM’s products. If you want to be a high-performance athlete, leave other materials aside and start customizing your new bike in our configurator.


With the purchase of a complete bike or frameset, you’ll receive a bottle and a bottle cage, a garment from our catalogue and a three-month free subscription to BKOOL as a complimentary gift.


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