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What is a gravel bike?

Cycling has always been one of the most popular sports around the world. Over the years, new forms of cycling have emerged, including pedaling over previously unimaginable terrain. This is where gravel bikes come into play. They are specifically designed to ride over the most sheer, rocky, and rugged routes. Are you ready to discover them?

What is gravel cycling?

Nowadays, gravel cycling is a sport which is related to traditional cycling, since both of them use the same means of transport: a bike. However, there are substantial differences. The main one is the terrain, as mentioned before. The people who practice this modality run over gravel and sandy terrain: hence the name.

It is up to each rider to choose more aggressive routes, full of gradients and obstacles, or simpler ones where the only difference is that they are far from conventional roads. It all depends on the type of gravel bike you have!

Is it possible to gravel on a road bike?

Although the technique used for gravel cycling is very similar to that used in some categories and situations of traditional road cycling, it is not recommended to gravel on a road bike. There are different types of gravel bikes for one specific reason: to fully adapt to the needs of the cyclist, and to the terrain without compromising safety.

Many people have gravel bikes with road wheels to make the most of both worlds: they use powerful tires to be in contact with the terrain, as well as light and performant carbon frames. It means that there are some possibilities to gravel on a road bike, but always being aware of the limitations of our bicycle.

What should a gravel bike be like?

A specialized gravel bike must incorporate a great suspension to face uneven terrains, and light elements such as frames or wheels. For this reason, carbon gravel bikes are the most frequent ones. These elements are the main difference between a gravel bike and a road bike, since these latter are designed to be fast and efficient, while the others are committed to offer resistance, strength, shock absorption, and agility.

How to choose the right gravel bike for you?

There are many types of gravel bikes to choose from. However, the election is not always easy. Here you have some advice to discover how to choose the right specialized gravel bike for you.

  • Gravel bike frame. The design is always important, specially if aesthetics are a must for you. However, choosing the gravel bike frame is one of the most important phases. Make sure it resists the impact you are willing to live with your high-performance bike!
  • Price. There is a wide range of prices on the market today. Put quality before price, but keep in mind that high-performance bikes are made of high quality materials, which increases their cost.
  • Complementary fittings. If you want your gravel bike to accompany you on long-distance routes, make sure you can incorporate fittings such as a carrier without compromising your safety or the stability of the bicycle

If you are starting to practice this sport, choose the most basic gravel bike. Make sure you can add fittings and spare parts later to customize it without spending loads of money. Moreover, bear in mind that if it is going to be your first gravel bike, it will suffer your hardest falls until you gain confidence, and can ride down steeper and steeper gradients.

AURUM bike for gravel: MANTO

In AURUM, we offer MANTO like our bike for gravel. Its especifications are chosen for this kind of cyclism, due to its resistence and its stiffness. You can check MANTO’s especifications here.