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Alberto Contador and MAGMA Khamai in New York

A Milestone in New York: Alberto Contador and MAGMA Khamai by AURUM

On October 20th, AURUM Bikes made history by unveiling its extremely exclusive model, the MAGMA Khamai. With only 21 units available worldwide, this high-performance bicycle has become a true treasure for collectors and cycling enthusiasts.

What made this presentation even more special was the presence of Alberto Contador, the co-founder of AURUM. During a KOO eyewear brand presentation, Contador brought along the unit 00 of the MAGMA Khamai to New York. This presentation in New York was a defining moment, allowing attendees to admire the beauty and exceptional quality of this bicycle the very moment it was launched.

This event in New York represents the perfect fusion of the elegance of the MAGMA Khamai, the vision of Alberto Contador, and the thrill of cycling, creating a truly historic moment in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Thanks KOO and Luke Michael James for the event and the photos.