Advantages of disc brakes over rim brakes

When purchasing a new high-performance road bicycle, the possibilities are endless. They get even bigger when parameters can be combined thanks to a configurator. When it comes to choose between a bicycle disc brake vs. a rim brake, the context, the performance or even the personal situation must be taken into account. If you do not know which one suits you, keep reading to know more in detail AURUM’s proposal in terms of brakes.

Our selection of disc brake bikes

At AURUM, we have opted to install disc brakes on all our bicycles. This decision is the result of a long process of analysis of our public and the current needs of the market. Since our high performance bicycles are designed for road racing, we consider this to be the most efficient and safe option for those who decide to trust in the expertise and experience of the brand, led by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Do not miss the opportunity to discover our whole catalog.

The best AURUM disc brakes bike

Why are brakes so important?

A high-performance road bicycle can not be imagined without brakes. Speed is rather high, and to have the possibility to slow down is crucial. Combined with a good responsiveness and an ability to react, they can avoid an accident during a race or a training session. However, every expert needs to learn how to control them, and to avoid overuse due to fear or a lack of security in the product.


In addition, keep in mind that brakes could be forbidden in some cycling categories. Although this is not the case for road racing, it is important to be aware of this fact in case you are thinking of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on more uneven terrain, facing mud or taking the risk of acrobatics. Do not forget that at AURUM we have also presented Manto, our gravel bike, which is more than ready to be your gravel mate whatever happens.

disc brakes vs. rim brakes

What is better: disc brakes or rim brakes?

Road bike disc brake vs. rim brake have different uses. The former are ideal for long-distance races, with steep slopes on the terrain that cause constant variations in speed. In this type of competition, precision is key. The latter, on the other hand, are better for a punctual, controlled and purposeful braking (a change of direction, avoiding an obstacle, etc.). They are therefore recommended for enduro bikes or even for those intended for acrobatic competition. In addition, rim brakes require more control of the system, as it is more specific. 

As you can see, each braking system has its target audience. The best option to choose between one or the other is to analyze in detail what needs or shortcomings you need to cover during your participation in a race, in your training sessions or in your outings with the bike as a hobby.

What are the advatages of disc brakes?

First of all, the braking quality is better, it is cleaner and there is less chance of crashing. Another big difference between disc vs. rim brakes is the stopping distance. Although there may be other factors that influence this parameter, such as speed or the wetness of the road, having a good disc brake will make a difference for an experienced rider.

What are the disadvatages of disc brakes?

In general, rim brakes are simpler and more aesthetic, since they are also smaller. In the sector, they are also known as ‘V-brakes’ due to their shape. However, its size is also its main disadvantage. Since they only act on a very small segment of the wheel, the tires suffer increased wear due to friction. In addition, at high speeds, the frictional heat increases, which could even damage the rubber or wheel material.

Do professionals prefer disc brakes?

If we look at high-performance bunches, most of the sportsmen and sportswomen use disc brakes. As we have already shared, this braking system is recommended for those who pedal with more frequent speed changes, who need to play with time to achieve a good personal record or who pedal in a group, which sometimes involves fast and agile maneuvers. Last but not least, disc brakes are easier to fix, maintain, or even replace in case of imperfection or error.

How to choose the best ones?

At AURUM, we defend that no option is better than the rest. Each cyclist is different, their starting points also differ, and all these parameters must be taken into account. If you have the opportunity, do not miss the chance to try disc brakes vs. rim brakes, or even hydraulic disc brakes. That is the only what to discover what works for you in every situation!


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