Introducing Magma Essentia

What happens when you have managed to develop an excellent product?

Are you satisfied and stop here?

It is an option, but not the one we have taken at AURUM

We have continued to innovate, developing new ways to optimize the use of materials.

Thanks to the experience of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso and the feedback from the Eolo-Kometa team cyclist, we have managed to develop a frame with similar performance to the Magma without losing its original essence.

From Magma to Essentia: high performance, no matter what

AURUM has transferred the incredible unmatched riding performance to the new Essentia.

The result is a bike with technical characteristics and performance standards similar to Magma.

The essence of Magma.

Essentia is the new gateway to the AURUM brand

Essentia inherits the geometry and main qualities of the Magma such as versatility, aerodynamics and reactivity to offer a high-performance bike.

Essentia, expanding the product offer

Thanks to Essentia, AURUM expands its product portfolio. The new Essentia offers an above market standard performance considering its price range, starting at 5.699€

It is available in two different colour finishes: Stone Grey and Cyan Blue.

Riding characteristics

Creating the fastest high-performance road bikes on the market is a balancing act between different riding characteristics:

Careful attention has been paid to keeping the essence of Magma consistent across the size range (48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61) and allowing all riders, regardless of height, to experience the same style of riding behavior.